Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oscar Joe KG

In the blog below I wrote about my second cousin Eualie. Which reminded me I never wrote about Oscar. Oscar Joe Kreutz Gallardo is the son of my good friends Adam and Melissa. Here's a photo of Oscar with his fabulous grandma Sue who is a fellow Hedhead. Life goes on. . . we've become adults. What?

Eulalie Aveleen Piccolotti

My cousin Lisa (daughter of Uncle Mike Piccolotti) had a baby girl on Friday the 23rd. 7 lbs, 8 oz, 21 inches. Congratulations Lisa! I so wish Grandma was here in Oregon to be able to meet her first great grand daughter. I know she would be thrilled. A new life always brings everything into a clearer perspective for me. I am so happy to hear the news. I just got home from a week in Ellensburg, WA (Central WA). I drove through the Columbia Gorge, which is always an adventure as there is a lot of traffic heading toward the city and the gorge is so windy and there are lots of curves. Not too bad today. Listened to Sirius Sat. Radio during the journey and got to know Nathan Lane, Bernedette Peters and Joel Grey on Broadway's Best with Seth's Studio A interviews. I was also able to hear the full episode of Prairie Home Companion and Fresh Air which featured a guest who spoke about Jack Kerby who was a comic book artist (Fantastic 4), this made me think about my friend Adam (married to Melissa Kreutz), who is a comic book writer, check him out at It's so interesting to me how the different medias work. He too (Adam) just had a baby named Oscar Joe. I am currently dog sitting my buddy Lily while my friend Kim is celebrating her one year anniversary with her companion Mike. I can't imagine one day, let alone one year with one person. :o)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Curb Appeal

Jim and I worked on Sunday on the curb appeal at the house as we started feeling like we lived in Arkansas rather than Oregon. So hot! It was like 90 degrees outside, but we got the job done. The driveway looks so much better. I didn't take any shots of us working as we both looked a mess, but here is a photo of the Lilac Tree in full bloom, planted by Hazel and Leo Heim, the builders and owners of the house before we arrived. So lovely. I watched two "chick" flicks this weekend. Mad Money and the Eva Langoria-Parker movie, where she's a ghost, it was so bad I can't even remember the title, however Paul Rudd is the male lead and is as cute and charming as ever. But if you have an afternoon to sort through mail or read a magazine, I recommend Mad Money. It was entertaining. Katie Holmes did disappoint a little. I also saw a play. For:give by Insight Out Theartre Collective. Good to support local theatre. I ran into my favorite actor/singer/songwriter during lunch, which was unexpected and I must say I clammed up as I do in his presence. I am on the road this week. In Central Washington-Ellensburg, WA for work.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kids In The Hall

Kids in the Hall, remember them? They are a sketch comedy group that had a show in the late 1980's and early 1990's on FOX I think, much like Saturday Night Live. Well they performed live this last Sunday at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall here in Portland and I was in the audience. Besides a little vertigo I experienced (we were sitting on the mezzanine) it was so much fun! They performed all the great characters, including Chickenlady and Scott performed Buddy, naturally. I wasn't a huge fan during their heyday, however have become a fan since living with Jim as he owns a few box sets. I was so hoping for Elizabeth of Windsor, no such luck. The night was spent with Jim, Todd and Nathaniel. Here are some pictures. . . including one of Todd squishing Nathaniel's and my head. If you have seen KITH you'll know what that's all about. Hey if you all run across the movie Death at a Funeral at the DVD store, rent it. Laugh out loud British film. Highly recommended.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

In Honor of Carlos Ramirez

Now that I have figured out how to navigate this whole blogging thing, I wanted to make sure I posted a blog about my dear friend and work mentor Carlos Ramirez. He taught me everything I know about being an effective and respectful manager and that it's okay to be a good human in business. But still understanding that business is business. I will truly miss Carlos and think about him quite often. Love you 'Los. I miss our evening chats on the phone.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival - Ashland, OR

Hey Theatre Lovers,

I just spent 1.5 days in Ashland and saw three plays with Jim and his Lincoln High School students. For those of you I know will probably be in Ashland sometime this season for the festival I thought I'd give you my recommendations.

If you are able to stay at the Ashland Springs Hotel, I'd say do it. This is a restored hotel in the heart of Ashland and is lovely. My friend Marcia I know would appreciate it as it is full of floral and bird art. Very well done. Although I wouldn't recommend staying the day before or of Hillary Clinton's arrival, I had a bit of parking stress this morning. The staff is super friendly!

We actually didn't see any of Shakespeare's plays, but being this was an educational trip we got some special treatment with a tour of the scene shop, prologue to The Clay Cart and a Q&A with one of the leads of the Hedda Gabler Play.

I highly recommend The Clay Cart, which is an Indian Sanskrit play, they are in full costume, costumed by what we were told a premier costume designer in the US. This is truly a comedy which is 2000 years old. I also HIGHLY recommend The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler. Not what I expected at all. For you theatre buffs you will thoroughly be entertained as there are many theatrical references and characters. BRILLIANT!! New script written by Jeff Whitty who wrote the book for Avenue Q. Don't miss it.

Finally, Fences. Depressing and I thought slow. Act Two was better. Well acted, naturally. To be fair it was the only play that got a full standing ovation.

With all that, I am totally ready and wanting to see more. So I am willing to be someones companion or third wheel.

I forget that we have this wonderful jewel in Oregon.