Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Shuster Garden in Willits California

I've spent the last seven days in Santa Rosa, CA for work. Yucky! I am not going to go into any details, but must say I worked with a colleague who is brilliant with pop culture and movie trivia, this fellow manager made it bearable during my time in the Armpit of San Francisco. I so wish I had time to make it to the City. Such good memories of SF.

I am writing this blog from my aunt Kathy's estate, yes estate! Feels like one anyway. Automated gate and all. She and her husband Phil have created the most brilliant gardens. Mom just told me that Kathy wants to get on the Garden Tour, well I must say they are on their way. Jim would be jealous as am I. They live in Willits, CA, where my Mother and her siblings grew up. My Aunt Kathy is my mom's twin sister and after two years of living in Roseburg, OR moved back to Willits over thirty years ago. Of the two wicked little towns I would have chosen Willits over Roseburg, just because this area was touched by the hand of god. Well at least there are far more hippies down here. Willits, CA is the gateway to the Redwoods on HWY 101, 1.5 hours north of Santa Rosa, and the only thing that will make my drive home tomorrow tolerable is the scenery. I've spent many vacations down here as a kid and loved every minute. I would love to live in the midst of the Redwoods.

Here are the picture highlights. Above: Aunt Kathy and Uncle Phil. Below: The Pond, Newly planted Vineyard, a fish in one of the three ponds, Redwood Carving (in honor of my Grandpa an avid reader who made his living as a logger), water lily and the Redwood Root Ball fountain. Phil found this root ball in the woods and brought it home to create a fountain. Fantastic! I want a water feature in our South Garden.

I still can't seem to figure out how to arrange the pictures better. I did my best. Much love to you all. --Sean

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Okay. Either I am becoming more of a loner or a lesbian, which ever I brought home a new addition to the family. Let me introduce you all to Gracie, named after a certain company's Virtual Travel Assistant as she was found at my agency in Ontario, OR. I kinda felt like Madonna adopting a baby in the desert. You can imagine what a crazy drive home (6 hours) I had last Sunday. Oh my. Never again. It's going to be local adoption this point forward. Oh goodness I write as if there will be another. The first two days were difficult, but knowing I'd be home for over a week I thought it would give me enough time to assimilate the little girl, without putting all the burden on Jim. Jim and I took her and Cappy to the Vet on Tuesday. She's healthy and had all her shots. She was a bit under the weather and a psychopath the following two days and I was afraid I had made a horrible mistake in bringing her home. I am very pleased to report that all is good again, except that Cappy has all but disappeared, hiding in the basement, where he never ventures. I feel bad for him. He's almost 9 years old now and I am sure has had enough of me and Jim bringing home more cats. I have also decided not to allow him outside as I worry he may succumb to Sebastian's fate. So I am sure he's really pissed. The twins are finally accepting Gracie. Bianca is still having a few issues, but Katherine has been sorta friendly. They have all started playing. Again I must say that I don't know how all the new moms and dads of human babies do it?? How?? I am so impressed with all you parents out there. Here's are some pictures. Gracie, Katherine alone, and Bianca and Gracie at the litter boxes negotiating a truce.

The South Garden

Jim and the hired help have been working so hard in the yard these last few weeks. Best Year Ever for the gardens. For some reason I can't get in the mood to help very much this year, although I think I'll get the green thumb these next two weeks as Jim is off to YMA (Young Musicians and Artists) camp in Salem. I and our kittie/house sitter will be responsible for all the watering while the garden boy (Alex) will continue with weeding and maintenance. Jim, brilliant! Here he is before he left for YMA.