Saturday, May 23, 2009

Victoria, BC

After four months of working in Canada I finally was able to get up there for a holiday. I spent three days last weekend in Victoria for Victoria Day weekend. Here's a picture of me at the Inner Harbour.

Below is the statue of Queen Victoria facing the Inner Harbour. Originally the statue was supposed to face the Parliament Building, but the artist was so upset by the fact that her hind end would face the harbour, they placed her to face the harbour. He still wasn't happy as she was too close to the street that anyone that wanted to look at her would either fall into the ocean or be hit by a car. He still didn't go to the unveiling ceremony. Artists can be so stubborn.
Below is a picture of Rebecca and I at Butchart Gardens. Behind us is the Sunken Garden the highlight of the visit. Breath taking! There is also a Japanese Garden on the estate, but I must say Portland, OR has a much better Japanese Garden that I am not going to publish those photos. Rebecca and her husband Jay have become great friends, and I must say after months of unbelievable stress it was so nice just to take it easy. . .

Butchart Gardens Pictures. . . Sunken Garden, Fountain, and the brilliant Greenhouse. . .

Stained Glass: I never thought of myself as a stained glass fan, but after visiting the BC Parliament building I must say I am convinced this is a fine art. State tribute to Art, Honoring the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee and original BC Crest. . . lots of history behind all of them. . .

BC Parliament Building. Brilliant architecture. . .

Victoria, BC is an amazing place located just north of the great of Portland, OR, about 5 hours north, you all must go visit.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lungs of a 69 year old.

. . . not good. I am going to quit smoking the first week of June. I have to let it known. I am thinking of hosting a ceremony. It needs to be a big deal. My doctor is going to help with it all, naturally.

My blood pressure is under control and I must say the doctor was quite pleased with my tracking log. I am taking it seriously.

I had a stress test on Thursday, and that went well, although it was quite apparent I need to start working out. I still have some youth in me, as I will remain taking only ONE blood pressure medication. So happy. I could write a book on how strange the appointment was, ask me sometime.

Sweeney is going to get better. My friend Alberto branded it, "How Sweeney got his groove back."

Today made me realize how precious life really is and not to take youth for granted.