Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Eulogy - Ann Piccolotti

At the Garden Valley Church of Christ - 1:00pm - October, 1st, 2011. . .

Wow, it’s been over 20 years since I stood up here. The last time I was in this building was with my Grandma and Cousin Lisa, right before Grandma moved to Jacksonville. She had a smile on her face the whole time! Good memories here. The family and I appreciate the kindness the church members have shared.
There is no question that my grandma loved her grandchildren. She treated us as if we were her own. As I’ve reflected this last month on my grandma’s life I realized there are many things she has passed onto us, most of which were her Morals and Ethics. All four of us have turned out to be good people, because of her. I know this for sure. We all were influenced by her work ethic, which all of us in the family inherited.
I see so many attributes in my cousins and sister that reflect back Grandma.
Lisa’s love of art and pictures and the nurturing she provides Lalie, comes from Grandma. Kelli’s love for her husband and four boys, she cleans a mean house and does laundry like no other. I lived with grandma for a year and she always washed all my clothes and pressed them. I still wish I could iron like her. Apparently Aunt Kathy inherited this as well. Joe’s industriousness and willingness to pitch in and help was surely passed down from Grandma. My love of pictures and magazines, no doubt was influenced by her. Whenever I clean house I channel her, I swear. She kept the tidiest house and had the perfect yard. She gave us so much of her time. For 18 years I spent every Sunday evening with her, and she homeschooled Joe for a year. She loved us! I had the chance to witness Grandma meeting all the Great Grandchildren last year, the next generation and you could see the joy in her eyes. She loved kids.
Oh and the food! I don’t need to tell you all; Grandma loved to cook and we all were more than willing to eat. From the peanut butter and honey sandwiches, French vanilla ice cream, the best chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, grilled cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise (only at Grandma’s). I still love chick peas, which she always had with her salads, along with homemade Thousand Island dressing, which I obviously still love. My love of pasta comes from her! Oh the spaghetti sauce she made from scratch was like no other (with a bay leaf simmering); I know Joe enjoys cooking sauce as well. Oh, and she always had a stick of gum, certs and coffee nips. I loved the road trips with her. I think we all loved them!
We all have fond memories of the big house on Jackson Street. For Kelli it was like a giant doll house. Grandma always gave us free reign of the house, whether it was sleepovers on the balcony, which Lisa loved, or the fun basement. Although Kelli thinks the basement was a bit scary (I remember it as the fun/cool place the aunt and uncle lived from time to time). Grandma never let me live there. She wanted me closer to her.
I have to take this time to mention my Grandpa, Lou Piccolotti and the love I had for him as well. I so wish I could have a conversation with him now as an older adult. Such a wise and smart man; like no other.
I know there were times I disappointed her, but she still loved me unconditionally. I could always return home and know she had a place for me. During these tough times and horrible news, we need more people like her in the world, without question.
Grandma, this is not good-bye, but until we meet again.