Saturday, October 18, 2008

What not to Wear

So, while I am on the road my favorite pastime is to watch cable. I still watch television at home via an antenna. What Not to Wear is a show I recently have become addicted to, along with John and Kate + 8 (both reality shows). On What Not to Wear there are two hosts who take a guest who has been nominated by her friends to get a fashion make-over. She gets $5,000 to spend in NYC to buy a whole new wardrobe with the help of the two hosts. Quite fun. I really could use some tips, no kidding. Below is a lady who never needs a fashion make-over. I found this on Youtube today, Barbra is prancing around in a screen test for her costumes in Funny Girl. This is a rare "The look of Funny Girl" film. Doesn't she look fabulous? This is WHAT TO WEAR! Barbra in her own fashion show. . .

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Favorite Song

My Favorite song. . . Kelli used to bust into my room while I was singing loudly with my favorite singers at the time, which consisted mostly of Whitney Houston and Barbra, I must admit. My poor mother. I was performing my own private concerts with audience and all. This is why this song means so much to me. We all have our own "music" moments. Lift up your hands, to your OWN rock and roll.

This is why I am a hedhead. . .

Origin of Love

Oh, I love Youtube. Here's a selection from Hedwig and the Angry Inch the movie. Much better performed live from one of my favorite actors, but unfortunately I don't have footage of that performance. For the non Hedheads, give it a chance, it's such a brilliant song.

Shout out to Melissa, Marcia and Michelle the M's. And to Sue the fellow S. I am currently in NO ID. A bit lonely. --Sean

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was in Big D
I got to know my friend
Thanks Beck!
Here we are
at a BBQ.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guest Star Delaney, JFK & Jackie O, Dallas Texas and Lily the Road Warrior Princess

I have been away from home for three weeks. Thanks Jim for being domestic Goddess! Below is a guest star shot of Delaney. This photo was taken at a Mind Bender Exhibit at a museum. She's trying to figure out what block fits in all the spaces. The holes consisted of a triangle, circle and square. After 5 minutes she figured it out. Her mom took this shot. Click on the link Delaney's Antics left of the screen. What a nice Sunday. I forget how much I like toddlers. . . and how smart they really are:

September 26th thru October 3rd: DALLAS, TX.

On the 26th and 27th: I was a tourist in Dallas with my friend Rebecca and her husband Jay, whom are residences of Big D. On that Friday we went to a dueling Piano Bar which was so much fun. The musicians were so nasty, so much so I loved it!! I had been to one in Tacoma with S and M, but what amazed me about the bar in Dallas is that the 4 piano players could play all the instruments: Drums, keyboards, guitar and my favorite Bass. I must say that Texans are so proud of their State it's overwhelming. There are so many songs about Texas and they are all so proud of their college fight songs. Rebecca tipped the players to play an Oklahoma fight song, which they did. Do any of you know your college fight song? I was disappointed as I spent $5.00 requesting the band play Vogue by Madaonna, which they never sang. Oh well. Still good times! On Saturday we went to Deally square, where JFK was shot. I remember my Grandma telling me stories about this historical event that I wanted to share with her the experience, but she's not well enough to understand. Here are two photos of the day. One of the book depository and one of the grassy knoll. What did I learn? Jackie was in solid pink, including a pill box hat. All the footage I've seen is in Black and White. Thanks Bec & J.

We visited the 6th floor museum, which made me tear up a few times. Here's photo of the Book Depository:

Grassy Knoll (note cute boys lounging):

JFK memorial in Founders Plaza below. Jackie O selected the architect for this memorial. I must say I was so disappointed in the City of Dallas. They don't seem to take much pride in their parks and recreation. The memorials and grounds aren't kept up very well. I took this photo of Jackie's JFK memorial for Dallas and many more but left the rest out because the grounds were not well taken care of. The memorial is a square box and inside of the box there is a marble slab with JFK's name engraved, and was placed in the middle of what looked like should have been a pool of water, but what was there was an empty pool with the drains filled with debris and cigarette butts. So disappointing. Portland is so much ahead of the game in keeping up parks and honoring memories. Good shot if I say so myself:

Saturday Night: We had dinner with my friend Tim and his wife. Tim's wife works for FEMA, so I heard some amazing stories. Below is a photo from their back porch. Did you know there are no natural lakes in Texas? All man made:

I'll be in Indy the first week in November and I can't wait to go fishing with my dad.

I am currently dogsitting my favorite dog Lily and I took her on the road with me this last week. We had fun together ten hours in the rig. We spent the night at the Red Lion in Medford, OR and she kept me on my toes. I've never walked her so much in all our time together over the years, this is to due to the fact that I was worried sick she may go potty in the room. She slept with me in the king sized bed the whole night. I am now calling her Lily the Road Warrior Princess: