Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ross Mathews

Over the last few months I have posted videos of Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show, I just think he's the best and funny. Well he was just hired by the pop culture TV show The Insider and now has an online show which is all about Hollywood called Inside Dish with Ross Mathews. I just love it and have added the link to my Greatest Sites. Check it out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

You Must Love Me.

Okay, now that I am thinking about it, I must post a video of Madonna singing You Must Love Me live form the Oscars, 1997. Has it been that long since the movie came out??

And I am telling you by Jennifer Hudson.

Canada, Just Love Me. . . I feel like Eva Peron from Evita. I watched Oprah today in which Jennifer Hudson was a guest. I loved it! Below is the song And I am Telling You, sung live. I am not really a fan of Ms. Hudson, but this is pretty cool. . .

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tofino, BC - Another Room with a View

Above is a shot from my room in Tofino, BC last Sunday at sunset. Many of you know my favorite place on North America is the NO CA coast in the Redwoods. I think I may have to change that. Tofino, BC was the most amazing place and so lush. My friend Kim picked me up from the airport yesterday and when I told her I wanted to move up there she kidded me, "Wanna live on a commune up there?" Our running joke is that someday I am going to start a commune sometime/somewhere in my life, and I always thought it would be in the Redwoods, but I am now rethinking this. I just may start one in the rain forest on Vancouver Island. Something I discovered during the last two weeks: I am drawn to water, which is funny to me as I hate swimming for many reasons. But I think I could get used to being on a boat or living on a houseboat. I also fell in love with Victoria, it's no wonder it's a tourist trap. Go visit!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nanaimo, BC - Room with a view.

Above is Downtown Nanaimo, BC. This is the view from my room. Nanaimo is about the size of Eugene, OR, but on the water. Off to Tofino, BC on the west coast of the Island tomorrow afternoon. Again, I think I could live by the water.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Canada, I Love You: Message from the Queen.

From Kids in the Hall:

My Grandma

Above is a picture from the deck on the ferry I road on from Vancouver, BC to Nanaimo, BC on Wednesday. For the hour and a half on the boat all I thought about was my Grandma as she exposed me to the ferries back when I was kid. Her name is Ann Piccolotti. We took a trip in the eighties from Seattle, WA to Whidbey Island, I think I was ten. My Grandma always took me to new places and we had such great adventures. This was my first trip to Seattle and I remember being in awe of the tall buildings and the water. She is still alive and living with my Aunt Tony and her partner Wanda in Florida. Grandma has severe dementia, which has saddened me. As I finish my 36th year I reflect on all the people in my life that loved me unconditionally. She will always be number one on my list of favorite humans, and I regret any poor judgements I made that she had to deal with. God bless her and all grandparents that helped raise us. I also miss my Grandpa. I so wish I could talk with him now and discuss politics and the social condition of our society. He was a wise man and I wish I had tapped into the wisdom rather than being selfish and not paying attention. My hope and resolution is to be more grateful. Love your elders.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Banff, Alberta Canada

During my last two weeks in Canada I had the pleasure to visit the Canadian Rockies. Above is an ice sculpture sign we found in Lake Louise. I got the lucky end of the stick. The other guys were in frigid rural towns. I spent the last three weeks with a fellow Manager, Laurie. I can safely say we are now friends and the best road warriors ever!! Here's us with Kirby, such a cute and fun pup.

Here's me after supper in the Banff Springs Hotel. Check of the scenery behind me, this was my view during the meal. I am not one to be overwhelmed with mountains and valleys as I grew up in the Northwest, but this took my breath away. I had the best Mac and Cheese ever. It was made with a delightful truffle sauce, came with grilled cheese sandwiches and served with homemade Ketchup. The Canadians love their ketchup! Over the years I've eaten Mac and Cheese with ketchup, so I was very pleased. Dessert was Chocolate and banana bread pudding with an amazing chocolate sauce and fruit. I also like this photo because I look thin.

Me after dinner outside the Banff Springs Hotel. . . Check out my new wool coat I bought just for my time in Canada. . .

We stayed at the Rundle Lodge, a wonderful place. We got a great deal as it's the slow season and the economy is not doing too well up there. . .

Some Rocky Mountains. . .

It's been so stressful, but side trips like this and a little retail therapy makes it all worth it. You all must visit Banff sometime in your lifetime. Amazing!!

Oh, I just joined Facebook. This too is amazing and so much fun!! I've found so many long lost peeps. Off to Vancouver Island, BC on Tuesday. Can't wait to visit Victoria!!