Saturday, January 31, 2009

When I think of a place. . .

. . . I think of Home. A few blogs ago I posted a Youtube video of Whitney singing Home from The Wiz. Below is Diana Ross singing the same song live. Most may know this version better. This song brings me to tears in so many ways. I can't tell you how brilliant I think it is. It's a whole new meaning to me now.

It's such hard work up here in Canada. Lovely people and country, but I am a bit homesick. I hope you enjoy. I was just a kid when this song was composed. . .

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Canada Pix

Here are some photos of my journey. I've decide the next two weeks I'll get some more interesting pictures.

The first week and last day was spent in Calgary. I just love the Evergreen trees in Canada. They are gorgeous and seem to be so different than the trees we have in the Pacific Northwest. I have to do some research to find out what they are exactly. They kind of look like nobel firs, but with a deeper, darker green. Calgary's skyline. . .

From Calgary to Edmonton, AB. On Monday I spent the afternoon in Maidstone, Saskatchewan at the Royal Canadian Legion. Here's a picture of a wall at the legion of Queen Elizabeth of Windsor, you know I just love the royals (The Queen is one of my favorite movies) and now that I have a passport I am going to plan a trip to England. . . to see J and O.

From Maidstone to Medicine Hat. Here's a pix of the Alberta Prairie, lot of cows and we came across two herds of Elk. Wish I could have caught a picture of the Elk. . . and at least the cows. I guess Alberta Beef is world famous. . .

Last leg of the road trip. My counterpart did a fantastic job driving the whole week. She got us everywhere safely. The weather was fantastic both weeks, well the skies were clear, anyway. It was still freezing and mostly below freezing.

I am now home for two days. It's so nice to bond with the kitties and Jim. Lots of naps in my future. Back to Edmonton on Monday. I am hoping I won't be in customs for 1.5 hours this time around. The Road is My Home, my Home the Road. I can now safely say the sky is my home as well. Getting a lot of airport experience.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I really don't blame Canada!

I spent Monday in a tiny town called Maidstone, SK on Monday at the Royal Canadian Legion and just loved the old folks we met. This visit made me think of WWII and how much that generation sacrificed for North America's freedom. Learning it's not all about the USA. Also met a hairdresser who styled hair for 49 years! Just loved her to pieces. I really do like the folks up here and am travelling with one of the best. I have been in Medicine Hat, AB for the last two days. Reminds me a bit of Redding, CA. I mean no disrespect from the video below, I just think it's clever, and appropriate for what I am dealing with. . .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Les Misbarack

My friend Matthew introduced this to me. Fantastic. . .


Okay, I have now been in Canada for a week. First in Calgary and now Edmonton, Alberta. Been in Edmonton since Friday night. I'll spend most of the next 3 weeks in Alberta. The first 2 days were quite enjoyable as we were just planning a class and being trained on some new systems. However, it became quite clear Wednesday afternoon that this is not going to be an easy task. Please wish me luck. I shouldn't go into details as much as I'd like to. The best thing so far has been working with a fabulous group of people. This will be the biggest test since the beginning of my career.

Yesterday I spent most of the day watching the Obama Express coverage on CNN. I was obsessed. So inspiring.

I love the fact that when I get money from the ATM Elizabeth of Windsor's face pops out at me. Trying so hard to get used to the Loony ($1.00 coin) and the Twooney
($2.00 coin). The coins made for an frustrating time at the laundry mat this morning. I couldn't figure out what slots the quarters went into versus the Loonies. This was compacted by the fact I had really no idea where I was at as I had to take a cab. I almost cried and the extra stress of the week didn't help. I went a decade without a vehicle and now not having one after 7 years of the luxury I feel lost and immobile. Ya know? It's very difficult being a smoker up here. First, cigarettes cost $10.00 a pack (I knew this way ahead of time, but didn't plan accordingly). Hardly any place sells them. I spent a half hour on Friday night walking around looking for them. The supermarket next to my hotel didn't sell them as there is a law up here that doesn't allow stores where there is a pharmacy attached to sell cigarettes. Then I walked to another supermarket, much like a Bi-Mart, that didn't sell them either. I ended up at a fuel station that did sell them, but not my brand. There is absolutely no advertising up here and all the cigarettes are hidden in drawers, or curtains, whatever one can find to hide them. It's the law. Nothing like what we find in the states. This is fascinating to me as in the US you can find and buy them anywhere. I wonder why this is? Is it because they don't have the lobbyists like we do, or is it because of National Health care?? It's time to quit, yes it is. With all this you can find a liquor store at every corner, literally. What's that about??

I have some great news. My sister is pregnant again. Can you imagine having 4 children?? Oh my. I am hoping for a girl, as is she. I just want to play with some barbies and have it be okay, you know.