Saturday, September 20, 2008

Barbra in France - 1969.

Okay, I have to say I just love Youtube. I also love Barbra and haven't given her much of a chance these last two years. Well hello, youtube. Here's some old footage from 1969. Oh my god, if I was able to bring this kind of stuff up as a teen I may have just exploded. I am still in SO OR. Isn't see pretty?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Let go and let Barbra

Thinking about Roseburg, OR tonight. . .

I am in Medford which is much like Roseburg in many ways.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brody's First Day of School

Brody is so happy in this photo, I just had to share. This is his first day of pre school. I am so proud of my sister right now for many reasons, but mostly for dealing with homework. I forget how much mom and dads help with homework. I can't even imagine. All I want to do in the afternoon and evening is nap.

God Bless the parents and children. --Sean

Introducing the Nephews

Above is Layke, Brody and Layne Lynch, my nephews, Kelli's boys. Layke started 4th Grade, Brody started pre school and Layne is in First Grade. We have good Genes, ya?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Girls, Liza, The Shed and Politics

Jim and I often refer the girl kitties as models as they are so pretty and sometimes have an attitude. Here are the girls posing as they do. Not often the three are together like this. Cappy I am sure was thrilled to be left alone for once. Bianca (whom I've used for my blog photo) has become my morning buddy. She's always there waiting for me on the ironing board, and always gives little kittie kisses and hugs. Then when I am off to the shower Gracie is always there waiting for me on the sink to watch me shave and then right into the shower. She loves the water and the bathroom. I am thinking it's because she was locked up there for the first week here.

On Monday night I wanted something to watch, so I browsed through Jim's DVDs and found the Remastered version of Liza With a "Z" concert made for television back in 1972, which is the year of my birth. I have always been a fan of Liza Minnelli, but have become obsessed this week with her and now Bob Fosse. I've danced his choreography when I was in Sweet Charity at Western, lead male dancer, I may add, and had forgotten how brilliant he is. So, I watched Kiss Me Kate, one of his first "acting/dancing" roles. Below is a clip of Bye Bye Blackbird, which is my favorite piece from the show. Aren't the moves amazing? I'd forgotten how well Liza moved. . .

Below is a photo of Cindy, Frank and Alex working on the cement slab for the potting shed. Pretty cool.

I've been intrigued with the conventions the last two weeks, both of them. I always like listening to both sides and couldn't get enough of the spectacle. It's just so fascinating. After spending three days in Dallas, TX I have more of an appreciation for Portland and how progressive we are. Jim was observing the other night at how different the regions are throughout our nation culturally and politically. We forget that they all aren't like us up here in the Great Pacific NW. With that, it's interesting to me that I've become more conservative as I get older and independent.