Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring can really hang you up the most. . .

After the longest winter of my life I must say I have never been happier to be in Oregon and live in the house I call home. The Garden is looking better than ever!

The thought of getting older has never bothered me until two weeks ago. I have had some real back pain issues, actually the worse pain I've ever experienced. So, I scheduled an appointment with a new doctor at my Medical Clinic last Monday to check it out. Well come to find out my back is the least of my worries. I have extremely (scary) high blood pressure and am now on medication to get it under control. By her request I bought a blood pressure machine and have started recording my blood pressure daily. As sad as all this makes me I understand I can reverse it and use this as an excuse to get my health back to where it was years ago. This will include quitting smoking, seriously. It all ties back to my post below about being huge. So my new, wonderfully nagging doctor is going to see me every few weeks to help me live my best life. Mark my words, "Sweeney will get his groove back!"

My doctor: She's young and hip, has great fashion sense, is very tough and you know I can't say no to a strong, intelligent powerful woman, with class. I won't get away with anything.

After being home for nearly 14 hours and seeing the beautiful gardens and the kitties I feel blessed and want to make sure I have a long healthy life for years to come.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Okay. I am going to throw it out there. I am big and I hate it. About two years ago I lost 30 pounds at the request of my doctor and I did it. I went from 232 to 202. Hurray! Then I allowed work to stress me out to where I ate and ate and ate and ate. The irony is that while I cut and cut and cut the $$$ because of my work obligation, I grew and grew and grew.

Two days ago I walked by a scale and thought I'd just check it out (don't know why the scale was there) and well guess what? I am now at 254 lbs. What?!? What?!? Again, What!?! 254!?! How did that happen? When did that happen? Why did that happen?

Then my mind flooded with memories of when I was a thin dancer, actor, and sexy guy.

Years ago I used to mock and make fun the idea of dieting and how if you don't stick with it you'll gain it all back again and more. Well, I'll tell you what, I am eating my words (or the pizza sitting next to me). Oh no, I am now one of those?

I recently joined Facebook and have decided to go to my 20th High School reunion. Again, what? 20 years!?! Oh, yes. I need a reason to lose the pounds and am proud that I even want to attend the reunion. I have learned the last few months that not only have I evolved, but many others as well.

Anyone that reads this please encourage me and share any story you may have.

Love to you all.


Vulcan, Alberta

. . . And you thought the US had some crazy roadside attractions. Above is a picture of the sign in Vulcan, AB. Below is a picture for my trekkie friends of the Starship Enterprise. . .

Below: Me as Captain Janeway, who was the captain of Voyager. This was the only Star Trek series I really got into due to Jim and really my favorite. God that seems like years ago. . .

Funny because I feel like I am from another planet.