Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Trees sustain life. I just imagine, while I am sitting here in a cabin in Northern California, how my grandpa felt, what was he dreaming about? Was he dreading dealing with the trees? Was he thinking about a family? He made his living as did my dad on the the sustainability of trees. Trees mean money. Trees mean their children will have water, warmth, power and an education. Education?

Although my sister and I never finished University, we certainly have an education. The only regret I'll admit having is never getting a degree. Why am I writing about this? I am trying to connect the trees with the money. . . and then the education. . . and how much I love that so many of my family members have relied on the forest.

Hard work and a work ethic. Because my dad and grandpa worked so hard, Kelli and I have a great education and are far better people because of it. Their legacy have made us hard workers in whatever we do, whether that is raising four fantastic human beings or managing many people. I am convinced that hard work, kindness and respect for people brings happiness.

It's because of the trees. I love the trees.

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